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About Us

Healthstyles Southwest has been serving Arizona for over 25 years and has provided over 1 million customers with quality lab testing. We have our own doctor on staff and our testing is conducted by some of the largest labs in the country. If we see critical results that require immediate medical attention, we contact you directly because your health and well-being is our top priority. Tests can aid you in making choices that help maintain your health. You can be more in charge of good health by knowing your scores.

With our low out-of-pocket cost, you have the freedom to get more involved with your health. Being prepared with your own lab tests in hand when visiting your health care provider expedites your visits and aids you in utilizing the limited time you have with your doctor. Always make sure to keep copies of your lab results for your own personal health records.

If you have a family history of health concerns, tests can help you navigate through preventative care and a healthy life. Take charge of your health with continual check-ups and testings. 

Some insurance companies give discounts if your cholesterol, blood sugar, and PSA are within range. You can test to ensure cholesterol, blood sugar, PSA are within the normal ranges before submitting to insurance providers test. We don’t tie our records into insurance records; they are confidential, therefore are not part of your permanent medical records. You don’t have to provide this information. It is for your own knowledge ONLY.

If you have medical insurance, many times lab work is not included or you must pay a percentage of the total costs or a deductible. Frequently, our lab fees are lower than paying with insurance. So know what your insurance pays and compare our prices.