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The Chempanel, also known as the Complete Metabolic Panel, is a set of 25 tests ordered to determine a patients general health status. This chemistry panel is often used in yearly physicals and for monitoring existing disease. This set of tests can determine the functioning of your kidneys, and liver. It also checks for parathryoid, diabetic Status, fluid balance, and electrolyte level. At Healthstyles Southwest we recommend our patients fast for 8 hours before the testing is conducted. Water is encouraged and patients should take medication normally.
The 25 tests in our Chem Panel are as follows: Glucose (Diabetes Screen) BUN Creatinine BUN/Creatinine Ratio Potassium Uric Acid Sodium Chloride Phosphorus - These tests are related to Kidney Function, Hypertension and Renal Disease Alkaline Phosphatase Calcium - Bone Function GGT ALT AST Total Biliruben Total Protein Lactic Dehydrogenase - Liver Function Albumin Globulin ALB/GLOB Ratio - Nutritional Status Also included for AZ patients only: Cholesterol Triglyceride HDL & LDL Total Cholesterol VLDL - Coronary Risk Profile and Cardiovascular functioning Iron - Iron Ratio