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We are a direct access provider or patient requested testing provider. You decide what test you want. We test what you ask for, allowing you to be in control.Healthstyles Southwest, Inc. testing is intended to aid you in knowing your scores. We are not a substitute for consultation with a physician or other health care providers.

Healthstyles Southwest, Inc. does not maintain a patient/physician relationship. You MUST see your own physician for a diagnosis and to implement any necessary treatment.

You, the patient , understands that:

1. The data derived from these tests is to be considered preliminary only and does not constitute a diagnosis of any medical disorder. This is a screening only.

2. If the test results are not within the normal reference range, it is recommended that you make a follow-up appointment with your physician.

3. The responsibility for initiating a follow-up examination to confirm any blood disorder and obtain advice and treatment is yours and not that of a physician or the organizations associated with this screening.

4. Self-ordered screenings such as this are most often NOT covered by insurance. Healthstyles Southwest does not provide diagnostic codes nor file insurance claims, and has no knowledge of whether your insurance provider(s) will pay any portion of a claim. You may decide to personally submit.

5. Healthstyles Southwest practices in accordance with HIPPA regulations pertaining to privacy practices and confidentiality of protected health information and will not provide any health information to anyone without your written consent.

Our Refund Policy:

If no laboratory testing has been administered, our testing is 100% refundable.  When a cancellation is made you will be charged $10.00 in order to recover our credit processing fees and the time and energy it takes for us to cancel your order and refund your money.  We employ a cancellation fee so that we are able to bring you discounted prices on your lab testing.  Please be sure about which tests you are ordering before placing your order.  We appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to make sure your experience is satisfactory and your laboratory health care needs are met. We do not accept insurance. | We do not accept medicare.