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We’ve been in operation for over 25 years and in this time, we’ve been able to help a lot of people. Here are some testimonials from the hundreds of thousands of people that have used our services:

"I wanted tests my Doctor didn’t order. Bless you!  We found a problem that was easily taken care of and now I feel great!"
-Shawna T.
"I have been a customer of your program for 18 years. I have your Special Package each year for a birthday present to myself. I take the results to my doctor and she is happy with the results. I would recommend your program to anyone that wants to go the extra mile for their health. Keep up the good work!"
-Eric S.
"I have no insurance and needed a lot of blood tests that my doctor ordered. Your program saved me almost 50% off on the cost. Thank you so much!!"
-Mark D.
"I had my lab. work done by your company, It was easy , fast and the cost was very reasonable. I got the results the next day e-mailed to me. Thank-you !!"
-Ann E.
"Healthstyles! You saved my life! I really mean it! You are the best!!"
-Debbie C.
"My Insurance has a high deductible , by using your company , it was so much cheaper. Thank you for offering this service."
-David J.
"Each year I get a Special Complete Package for $70. For years all was well. This year I received a call with a critical result. I followed up with my doctor and found out I have leukemia. My doctor informed me that we caught it early and my treatment has started. My doctor says prognosis is good. I thank you so much and look forward to the future. I don't know what would have happened if I would have waited until I showed symptoms. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-Jerry G.
"We love the fact that we can get our semi-annual blood tests done at your labs. It’s so convenient. Thanks loads"
-Karen K.
"I like the convenience and the cost of having these tests done at your location. Thanks"
-Nan W.
"Thanks for providing the facilities to get our testing done. We appreciate it."
-Nancy R.
"Thank you to the very efficient lab technicians and for the quick delivery of my results. This will aid me in controlling my type 2 diabetes."
-Mary G.
"Thank you Healthstyles Southwest for providing me with blood work without an order from my doctor. I also enjoyed the friendly service from Steve on the phone! Thank you!"
-Mellisa L.
"My results came back very bad and I wanted to thank you guys for giving me a courtesy call to let me know that my results were critical. I went to the Dr. that day and without your services I would not have been able to detect my growing health complication. A million thank yous."
-Peggy M.
"I think it’s wonderful that you have locations all around my area. I’ve gone to get my blood drawn for the past several years and its really convenient and very informative."
-J. T.
"Went for blood draw to the location on thunderbird. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant, efficient, and no waiting."
-Nancy and John W.
"Great service, prompt and courteous. Thank you."
-Mr. and Mrs. John V.
"Thank you for helping your community with your health program. Instead of spending $65 for an office visit to check my cholesterol, I was able to save $37 and have my analysis done. Keep up with the good work and thank you."
"The nurse and staff who did my chempanel was terrific and painless. I am especially grateful for being able to take advantage of this service while living so close to the lab. Thank you."
-H.J. K.
"Thank you to Healthstyles Southwest. The prices are so affordable and I’m able to get all the lab testing I need conducted without making a trip to my doctor."
-Greg P.
"Rebeca, the nurse that attended to us on Friday at your location in Scottsdale did a marvelous job. We thank you so much for making this health service available to us in such a convenient way. We’re looking forward to the next time we can use your services. Best wishes."
-Leonard K.
"Thank you for having a lab in Sedona AZ. Its a great comfort and affordable. All the nurses were so nice! Thank you and God bless you."
"Just a note to say thank you for proving the health screening opportunity for such a low cost. I’m at the age where things start falling apart and I wonder about my heart health. Well, now I know I have nothing to worry about and I couldn’t be happier. The tests have shown that I have the heart of a 20 year old! I’m so excited that my fears were put to rest by your awesome team! God bless you real good."
-Carol S.